European nature in Gelderland

Gelderland (a province of the Netherlands) knows 15 Natura 2000 area's. In my daily job, I've got a lot to do with these areas. Natura 2000 forms the core of the European nature network and are assigned as such because of their high natural values. To challenge myself I created my own assignment to portrait the Natura 2000 areas of Gelderland. With this challenge, I should take in account that:

  1. For each area, I make 5 photos that tell the story of the specific area. These photos may change during the year.

  2. All photos should be taken within Gelderland. This implies that although some of the area’s lie within one or more provinces I can only use the photos made within the province of Gelderland.

Down below you will find the result up to now. If you want to stay in tune, follow my blog!





De Bruuk




Landgoederen Brummen

Lingedijk & Diefdijk


Loevestein, Pompveld & Kornsche Boezem



Sint Jansberg





Willinks Weust


Wooldse Veen