Visitor from the north

Ok I know I told you I don't like hurdling around a bird with lots of other birdwatchers or photographers. But last week another visitor from the north was close to my home, the great northern loon (Gavia immer). All members of the loon family are intriguing to me with their spooky sounds. So as the great northern loon was close by the temptation became too much. Too escape the crowd though I decided to go at sunrise and this was a great choice as I was the first to arrive. Shortly after arriving I spotted the bird whom was swimming and hunting for fish close to the shore. After almost two hours enjoying the relative quietness of morning and the loon with two other birdwatchers more birdwatcher came. So as the crowd became larger I decided to leave. As the great northern loons do not make much sound out of the breeding season I haven’t heard the spooky sounds. Nevertheless I did had a great time watching and photographing the bird.