Most of you probably know that I visit Bekendelle more frequently. A little while back I visited the area again and although it is not the biggest nature area I still love it. The brook and its surrounding forest keep amaze me.  Throughout the year, the views change. The first photo is taken at a location that I have shot before (see blog post of 12 June 2016).

Besides the brook Bekendelle is also known for its forest that divers form flood forest (alluvial forest) to beach forest (on the higher grounds) Below some photos of the forest. I am convinced I can do better but for now these are the best.

Although I was mostly focused on landscapes I also captured a image of Muscatel (Adoxa moschatellina) and a Black Woodpecker (Dryocopus martius).


A little while ago I visited Stelkampsveld. Stelkampsveld is one of Gelderlands Natura 2000-areas and is known for its rich vegetation. You can find all sort of vegetation like: dry and wet heater, beech forest, swamp forest with alder and species rich grasslands.

Although it wasn’t the best time in the year I tried to capture the essence of Stelkampsveld and who knows perhaps I will find some time to visit it again at the right moment. 

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