Leusveld by Jelmer Reyntjes

This weekend I visited Leusveld to test my new telephoto toy and I also managed to get a photo for my project European nature in Gelderland

The world of big telephoto lenses

Last week I was able to buy a second-hand telephoto lens. As it has been a while since I used such a big lens I needed some practice again, what a punishment ;). Besides these lenses are heavy you also need to take in account that due to the large amount of 'zoom' every small movement at the camera becomes huge in your viewfinder. With a big telephoto lens a sturdy tripod is in my opinion a must-have.

Although I am already used to use a tripod for my landscape photography big lens photography asks for some different skills. On my tripod I use a ball head. I think this system is ideal for landscape and macro photography. For the use of a big and heavy telephoto lens it comes a bit short. It will keep the lens in place but as soon as I want to have some more mobility to follow a subject it tends to tumble too much on the ball joint. So, this takes some practice and made me order a gimbal that should make it easier to control the lens. I will keep you posted.

Despite I still need some practice I am quite satisfied with the first results. Hopefully you can enjoy them as well.

Lovely springtime

While I was trying to get familiar with my new lens I also took some time to photograph some of the spring forest. At this moment the May lily (Maianthemum bifolium) are still in bloom. In the centre of Leusveld Natuurmonumenten (conservation organisation) maintains a patch of hayfield and here the Heath spotted-orchid (Dactylorhiza maculata) start blooming. Due to these flowers, I am reminded again why I love spring so much.