Forest fire / by Jelmer Reyntjes

A little heads-up before you read. The following blog post is a little on the heavy side but I felt the need to post it anyway.

From May until July 2005 I did an internship in Spain, Badalona. This is already 10 years ago and the problems with drought were already there. During my visit, I saw reservoirs that were dropped in level significantly and the most impressive thing I saw were the forest fires or the result of them. I can still remember the fire fighters who were almost daily flying up and down in their helicopters and the dark cloud of smoke above the landscape during my close encounter with one of these fires.

While scrolling true my archive I stumbled on several photos of these forest fires. As the topic is still urgent and we (humanity) are still unable to turn the tide for the environmental problems that we are facing, I felt the need to share these photos with you as a reminder to us all: we should not hesitate to change. Even if climate change would be a hoax, as some prominent persons still proclaim, is there any excuse to improve how we treat our earth our home?  

But to end positive. I do think most of us start to understand what it will take to change. Many of us already do change their ways even as some people still deny what is right in front of them.