River foreland Millingerwaard

In between Christmas and New Year’s Day I have been on a trip to the Millingerwaard. The Millingerwaard is a river foreland near the German border. The river foreland is part of Natura 2000-area Rijntakken and I'm still in need of some good photos of this area. So, I am on a mission. The Millingerwaard is known for several things like birds, beavers, river dunes and alluvial forests. As it is (was) winter I did not aim to get some great images of river dune with flowering flora. Though a forest is beautiful in each of the seasons.  Although I am getting better in making forest photos I still think they are challenging as they tend to get messy. The above photo is my try of a wintery alluvial forest. I hope I can do a summery one as well later this year.

As I get lost a little on this trip due to redevelopment activities I had to walk several kilometers more as intended but this gave me the opportunity to get several other photos. When I look at them now I almost doubted I took them in December, climate change perhaps?